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Renewal Form (PDF)

November 2012

Dear NYSCA Member:

With the economic crisis in New York State and across the country, we are facing continuing to face challenges in this upcoming year. The aging network will need to aggressively advocate to protect the vital services provided to older adults and we will need to fight to improve the lives of seniors.

NYSCA has over 35 years of advocacy and professional development experience. Our
1,500 aging network colleagues have worked with us to continue to advocate and promote improved policies and services for old adults. We have joined with other advocacy organizations both statewide and nationally to press for funding for programs and services that serve the older adults here in NYS.

We provide technical assistance to our members as well as provide ongoing professional development trainings to all community based aging services providers through out New York State.

In the upcoming year, we will continue to:

  • actively advocate at the state and national level
  • advocate for expand funding for community based aging services
  • expand our professional development trainings through online methods continue our best practices workshops and webinars.

The NYS Coalition for the Aging (NYSCA) needs your financial support to push forward with our ongoing ambitious agenda. Your membership will support these activities and more. Please renew your membership today!

Together the aging network will continue to advance community based aging services for senior throughout New York State.

Yours truly,
Ann Marie Cook